Truly Wild Donation Report: First Half 2021

truly wild conservation donations first half 2021

We're so happy to report that in the first half of 2021 we've already raised and donated $1018 to wildlife conservation projects around the world.

Here at Truly Wild, we donate money from every product sold. $5 are donated to specific causes from each of our fundraiser tees, and every other item contributes $2 each to our Truly Wild Fund which is divided equally among the organizations we're supporting that period.

Instead of waiting until the end of the year, we've chosen to make a mid-year donation to make sure these important projects receive funding more frequently.

Here is a break down of the organizations, the aim of the project, and the amount donated to each on July 8, 2021.

Amount Organization Project
 $239.30 SEE Turtles

Supporting sea turtle hatcheries & protecting nesting beaches

$173.32 Paso Pacifico Protecting the endangered Yellow-naped Amazon parrot from poachers in Nicaragua and El Salvador
138.32 Marine Megafauna Foundation Conducting critical whale shark and manta ray scientific research
$111.60 VulPro Conserving Southern Africa's endangered vultures
108.32 Blood Lions Ending the exploitation of captive lions in South Africa
$73.32 Ghost Bear Institute Supporting nature literacy in Canada with Nature Labs
$69.00 Wildlife ACT To support rhino conservation efforts in Southern Africa
$105.20 Outdoor Heritage Fund of Alaska To support Alaska's McNeil River State Game Sanctuary
$1018.38 TOTAL Donations by Truly Wild first half of 2021

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  • Julie Beer

    Thanks so much for giving money to conservation projects! We’re one of the first donors to Paso Pacifico and really like them. I love bats, too. We’ve given to Bat Conservation International for about 30 years. They do important work protecting these beleaguered, important creatures and give grants to biologists in countries that have no groups that promote bat conservation and appreciation. Keep up your good work!

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