Truly Wild Donation Report: First Half 2021

we raised over $1000 for wildlife conservation

We're so happy to report that in the first half of 2021 we've already raised and donated $1018 to wildlife conservation projects around the world.

Here at Truly Wild, we donate money from every product sold. $5 are donated to specific causes from each of our fundraiser tees, and every other item contributes $2 each to our Truly Wild Fund which is divided equally among the organizations we're supporting that period.

Instead of waiting until the end of the year, we've chosen to make a mid-year donation to make sure these important projects receive funding more frequently.

Here is a break down of the organizations, the aim of the project, and the amount donated to each on July 8, 2021.

Amount Organization Project
 $239.30 SEE Turtles

Supporting sea turtle hatcheries & protecting nesting beaches

$173.32 Paso Pacifico Protecting the endangered Yellow-naped Amazon parrot from poachers in Nicaragua and El Salvador
138.32 Marine Megafauna Foundation Conducting critical whale shark and manta ray scientific research
$111.60 VulPro Conserving Southern Africa's endangered vultures
108.32 Blood Lions Ending the exploitation of captive lions in South Africa
$73.32 Ghost Bear Institute Supporting nature literacy in Canada with Nature Labs
$69.00 Wildlife ACT To support rhino conservation efforts in Southern Africa
$105.20 Outdoor Heritage Fund of Alaska To support Alaska's McNeil River State Game Sanctuary
$1018 TOTAL Donations by Truly Wild first half of 2021

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