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Sustainable Fabrics

ethcially sourced & produced
Virgin cotton ball

Organic Cotton

We only use 100% organic cotton, eliminating the use of pesticides or chemical fertilizers. This makes the world a safer place for birds and the insects they depend on.

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Empty plastic bottles

Recycled Poly Fiber

Our polyester is made from recycled plastic water bottles. Each shirts saves 4-6 plastic water bottles from reaching the landfill or the ocean. 

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Hemp plant


Hemp is an earth-friendly crop. It naturally resists pests, requires less water, has a high yield per acre, and returns nutrients to the soil. We only use mechanically fibrillated hemp, not solvent-processed viscose hemp.

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Fabrics we DON'T use, and why

Field being sprayed with pesticides

Conventional Cotton

Conventionally grown cotton uses large amounts of pesticides and fertilizers. Pesticides kill the insects that birds need to raise their young. 


Virgin Polyester

Polyester is a plastic derived from petroleum. While polyester fabric has many excellent qualities, we prefer not to use virgin polyester which requires the extraction of ever more fossil fuels. Instead we always use recycled polyester.

Bamboo garden

Viscose Bamboo

While bamboo is an eco-friendly crop, the viscose process of creating rayon fabrics from bamboo (or hemp for that matter) uses many toxic chemicals and creates substantial pollution. When mechanical processes become commercially available, we will consider bamboo again!

Sustainable Packaging

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