We are proud to introduce our limited edition line of premium hooded sweatshirts, the Habitat Hoodies Collection by New Plumage. To protect wildlife, we must protect habitats. These eco-friendly hoodies shine a light on three important ecosystems that many wildlife species depend upon for their survival. Click an item to learn more about that habitat and the species represented in each of our custom-designed hood linings.

What makes these hoodies so special?


The Boreal Forest beckons. A Great Gray Owl silently eyes a red squirrel from a towering black spruce. You feel the stare of a lynx upon you while the haunting call of a loon stirs your soul.


It's sunset in the Sonoran Desert. The sillhouettes of mighty saguaro cactus stand like sentinels against a blood-red sky. Crouch here amongst the ocotillo and smell the ghost flower while a covey of Gambel's Quail scurry busily by. Let the desert fill your heart.


Breathe deeply the crisp Tundra air. Twittering Arctic Terns return from the sea with tiny fish in their beaks. A Willow Ptarmigan crouches low while an Arctic Fox pads silently across lichen-crusted stones. Vast horizons call you onward.